Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The words of ancient time I thus translate

I have walked for hundreds of hours in Nuuksio National Park, which is located near Helsinki, by car 30-40 minutes from the city. It is a rather remarkable place, but most people don't go far from the parking places, bus stops and marked trails, so there is plenty of room for getting a feeling of wilderness.

Lately I have explored those parts of Nuuksio which are a bit less known and less visited, and it seems that the appetite for exploration grows the more one gets to know the place.

Also, many parts of Nuuksio are not yet in the so-called "natural" condition, but there is restoration going on. For example, swamps where people had made ditches for draining are now returning back to the way they were, as the ditches have been blocked. Thus, Nuuksio is changing, little by little - getting wilder one could say.

Here are some photographs of blueberry fields in Vaakkoi, which is in the north edge of Nuuksio.

(Posting title is from the poem Song at the Feast of Brougham Castle upon the Restoration of Lord Clifford, the Shepherd, to the Estates and Honours of his Ancestors by William Wordsworth.)

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