Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Know that everything your senses reject

Here are photographs taken at Tremanskärr on August 17th. It was a long time ago since I previously visited the swamps and forests there, and while walking I had to look at the map a few times to know where to go. It was a clouded day, with some rain at the end of the walk.

As I have mentioned here earlier, I have lost some weight since the beginning of 2012. Earlier this summer I was 13 kg down in weight, but some of that was temporary, now I'm 11 kg down and my body mass index is 25.4.

However, I noticed that some recent research suggest that (slight) overweight may be a good thing, at least it lowers mortality risk. Hmmm... I'm losing motivation for keeping my weight down. Just joking...

(Posting title is from the poem Things by Louis Simpson.)

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