Saturday, March 1, 2014

If should I speak of art

This morning I went for a walk in Luukki. I planned to walk for two hours, but in the end I walked for almost three hours. Sun was shining, birds were singing, and there were fresh moose and roe deer tracks. During the night the remaining snow had frozen, and it was easy to go if you didn't follow paths, which were covered by ice and extremely slippery.

I walked west of lake Myllyjärvi to Revonkorpi, all the way to Juurushaka, and from there to Pyykorpi, and returned via lakes Hauklampi, Käärlampi and Hepolampi back to the parking lot. Juurushaka and Pyykorpi were new places for me, and I intend to return there some day soon, as there is quite a lot of interesting landscape to explore.

The map I had with me isn't precise, and there were some surprises on the way, but nowadays my map-reading skills are starting to be adequate for getting where I want to go.

(Posting title is from the poem Spin by Wendy Videlock.)

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