Saturday, March 29, 2014

Love your eyes that can see, your mind that can

Today I did 2 1/2 hours of shopping with the daughters, and afterwards I walked for 2 1/2 hours up and down forested hills and across swamps. While walking I saw and heard a pair of whooper swan at lake Tränuhals, they made quite a racket.

First I thought that there is a dog barking nearby, then I saw a couple of spots of snow on the other side of the lake, and only when the necks of the swans became visible I realized that the sound was made by them. The sound was loud, even to the other side of the lake. I stopped for a while to sit on the rocks on the east side of the lake, listening to the sounds and watching what the swans were doing.

These photographs were taken in Helsinki on March 10th. I have about 1400 photographs waiting for processing on the computer, and it may take a while until I catch up.

(Posting title is from the poem Love the Wild Swan by Robinson Jeffers.)

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