Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Falling in a white chaos from the sky

I'm doing a little bit of accessorizing with the LX100. Last Saturday I ordered a 43mm Hoya +3 Close-Up Lens, and today it arrived. It works well, and even though it doesn't replace a macro lens, it allows to focus closer than normally. Focusing Autofocus works about as well as normally. At 75 mm equiv. one can focus closer than 15 cm when normally the closest focusing distance is 30 cm.

Below you see what this means in practise, the first photograph is without and the second with the close-up lens.

Both photographs were taken handheld and thus one can't judge sharpness of the result, but for me this suffices whenever there is a need for closeups.

The snowy photographs were taken today in Helsinki. I haven't commuted by bicycle this week because of coldness and snowfall.

(Posting title is from the poem The View from an Attic Window by Howard Nemerov.)

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