Thursday, January 15, 2015

I have wandered on the wilderness

I commuted today by bicycle, and got two hours of quite heavy exercise. Today the weather forecast promised very bad road conditions because of snow or sleet. The road was mostly ice, in some places snow or slush, and there were ridges, ruts and bumps, so that one had to be careful all the time to avoid a fall. On the way home I saw only three people riding a bicycle, when usually there are a dozen or two dozen people.

The studded winter tires were a necessity. I also realized that the "extreme lube" I have been using for the chain seems to work, as the chain flows smoothly without much resistance, and dirt doesn't stick as much as usually.

The photographs were taken at Pirttimäki on January 4th. Recently I haven't often visited Pirttimäki, but this time I realized that there are parts that would be worth exploring. Pirttimäki is much more popular than the places where I usually go for a walk, and often there are three or four dozen cars at the parking place, but when one walks two or three kilometers away from the parking place there are few people, or perhaps none.

(Posting title is from the poem Songs of Sorrow by Kofi Awoonor.)

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