Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Or can proportion of the outward part

These photographs are non-square, which is for me much less common than using the 1:1 aspect ratio. All taken in Nuuksio on January 11th.

I got yesterday almost four hours of exercise, two riding the bicycle, 1 1/4 hours walking between meetings, and half an hour shoveling snow. I thought I would be very hungry today, but it wasn't so. Also, muscles were not cramping, which was a surprise. But maybe that happens tomorrow.

I got today some new accessories for the LX100, a UV filter and a CPL filter, both 43 mm. I'm using the UV filter to protect the lens, and luckily the string for the lens cover is just enough for the added length. The CPL filter I'm not yet putting to test, but during summer it will be useful for taking photographs of water.

(Posting title is from the poem An Hymn In Honour Of Beauty by Edmund Spenser.)

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