Monday, February 29, 2016

Through the whites of their eyes

The photographs were taken on February 6th and 7th in Luukki.

I commuted by bicycle today. There was some snow and ice on the road, but mostly the asphalt was bare. Sand/gravel has been used to add traction to asphalt, but this is not so nice for bicycle tires. One year I fell down when the worn gravel on top of asphalt acted the same way as ball-bearings. However, taking some care the conditions for commuting by bicycle are excellent.

In January I got 160 km riding the bicycle, and in February 288 km, which means 448 km so far this year. I hope March will be good (e.g., not much snowfall) for riding the bicycle.

(Posting title is from the poem On A Moonstruck Gravel Road by Rodney Torreson.)

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