Thursday, July 7, 2016

From behind the eyelashes

The photographs were taken on June 19th at lake Häkläjärvi.

Yesterday late in the afternoon we visited Suomenlinna island fortress. It was quite a warm day, and there were a lot of people visiting the island.

Today is a rainy day. In the morning I went for a walk in Vaakkoi. I saw one young Gavia stellata with a parent. A couple of weeks ago there were two. The blueberries tasted good, they were sweet and big.

I'm getting frustrated with durability of electronic devices. The LX100 has dust spots in the lens, the control wheel in the back doesn't work properly, the zoom switch on top of camera doesn't always work, and now the lens doesn't always retract when switching off the camera. Well, there are rumors that the LX200 would be announced in September, 2016, and maybe the LX100 lasts until then.

Another thing that didn't last long was the HP Photosmart 6510 printer. I have had trouble with the black ink for quite a while. Previously trying the various hints made the printer behave after a while, but this time nothing worked, black ink was missing. I bought the HP printer four years ago in the summer discount sale for 99 euro, and thought it was quite a nice purchase, getting printer, copier and scanner in one device. I have bought quite a few ink cartridges, worth over 200 euro, and I would have thought that it is in the interest of HP to make devices that keep on consuming ink.

My previous printer was a Canon i455 inkjet, bought in 2004, and it lasted for eight years. I still think fondly of this printer, which lasted until the print head broke down.

This time I did quite a lot of web searches for advice on what printer to buy for my modest needs. Finally I bought the Epson XP-760, which was on sale at 100 euro. The scanner is much faster and better than on the HP 6510, and the print quality on normal paper is better than it ever was with the HP 6510. I haven't yet tried printing photographs on photo paper. There are six ink cartridges in the XP-760, and I expect that I will be buying quite a lot of them during the next years, provided that the printer lasts. But so far so good.

Anyway, there are some things that do last. I bought my Berghaus jacket in 2002, just after Finnish markka was replaced with euro (€). At that time I still mentally changed euro to markka, and I remember that the price of the jacket was 930 markka. I have done a lot of outdoor walking with the jacket. It shows signs of wear, but still holds water, and even though the front zipper no longer works, the inner zipper works well, as well as the coat buttons. I wore the jacket this morning in the rain.

(Posting title is from the poem Meeting at an Airport by Taha Muhammad Ali.)

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