Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are oil companies destroying the rainforests?

Neste Oil 1, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Neste Oil 2, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

This posting has little to do with photography, except in the way of using photographs for documenting things. So beware. You may want to check instead the previous posting, which discussed photography.

Yesterday when I went to meetings in Helsinki there were a couple of dozen signs standing on the roadside, all claiming that Neste Oil - the Finnish oil company - is destroying the rainforests with their "palm oil diesel". I was quite surprised to see these signs (which might already be removed from the roadside).

Today I finally got the other half of the picture, namely a SUV had writing on the back window saying "Neste 100% Green Diesel". There must be an ad campaing happening, and someone had decided to fight against it.

This got me thinking about advertisements in general. I don't subscribe to any newspapers, and there is an "no ads" sign on the mailbox, which cuts down drastically the amount of ads I receive. And with digital tv you can record programs and skip all ads. Also, Firefox allows you to use ad blockers such as ABP, which cut the number of ads to a small number.

But the is no "opt-out" mechnanism for ads in public places. Perhaps we should have instead a mechanism for ordinary citizens to post their opinions, free of charge, to combat the commercial ads. Wouldn't work in practise? Then, we should get rid of all ads.

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