Sunday, November 28, 2010

Batteries in a glove

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I went for a walk this morning when it was -16 °C outside. It is a bit challenging to take photographs in such cold weather, and this is a skill which you tend to forget during the warmer months. I had thick gloves on, and using the camera controls was a bit awkward in the beginning, but then it went smoother.

I wonder how well the LX5 would behave in such a weather when operating the camera with bare hands is not an option. The control stick on the LX3 is a bit awkward with thick gloves, but you learn to operate it. How about the control wheel on the LX5? I read some reviews where they said it is difficult to operate with gloves, but this is not the same as impossible. Has someone tried it?

Another matter is the batteries. My two batteries for the LX3 have now about 150-200 recharge cycles, so they are not yet at the end of their lifetime, but a little bit worse than in the beginning. Today one of the batteries went soon dead, and when I tried another, it too was dead, as I had forgotten to charge it. But then I warmed up the batteries in a glove (with a hand inside of course), and managed to get several dozen exposures. You had to do the warming trick again and again, but it worked all right.

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