Monday, April 18, 2011

Discontent in beautiful Finland

The election results here in Finland caused a lot of discussion, and various emotions. The PS party made a big win, going from 5 to 39 seats in the parliament. (The literal translation of the party name is "Basic Finns", although it seems that the term "True Finns" is being used for some reason.)

Negative terms such as nationalism, populism, anti-immigration, Euro-sceptic, anti-abortion, anti-green etc. have been linked to the PS party, but it remains to be seem what their politics will be if (when) they get to be part of the government. They won the elections by criticism, but you need more than criticism to govern a nation.

Especially remarkable is the "anti-green" and "anti-European" strategy. Many PS politicians say that one should first take care of Finnish matters and only then look outside. But is this feasible in the world we live in?

A foreign reporter said on a radio program that he doesn't understand why Finnish people are discontent, living is such a beautiful country. Well, I think it is a matter of those-in-power not speaking the same language as the people. The PS party can talk like normal people do.

By the way, the area in Helsinki where the PS party got most support is Jakomäki, and it for sure is a place where there is beautiful nature to be enjoyed, as you can see here. But if you are unemployed, have health problems, and no politician cares about what you think, then even the beauty of nature doesn't help any.

The photographs are not quite so beautiful - but they spoke to me today.

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