Thursday, April 28, 2011

A frustrating photograph

The first photographs shown here was taken yesterday, and I thought whether it is any good, and finally at the last moment deleted it from the posting from yesterday. But it is still bothering me, something in it is poking me but I have no idea what. So I included it here.

The other three photographs were taken today. The spring advances really fast now.

My Nokia E7 learning curve wasn't today as steep as it was yesterday. I'm slowly learning how this smartphone works.

As a camera the best feature of the E7 is that it works, and is reasonably fast. I haven't yet found out whether there is a macro mode, doesn't seem to be, so closeups don't seem to be possible. But the shutter lag and starting up are fast enough, so no complaints there.

I'm now starting to appreciate a touch phone, it seems to be mostly a good idea. This is despite the occasional strange things happening due to not locking the phone and touching the display by accident.

When connected to the wifi/wlan at home, the phone works really fast in reading e-mail and rss feeds. I even managed to do some software updates to the phone.

Overall, the E7 is the best phone which I have even used, despite the fact that it really isn't such a great thing as a phone - it is the other things that make it good. Using the calendar is relatively easy, as is writing e-mail, thanks to the built-in qwerty keyboard. Also Exchange integration seems to work reliably and fast.

There is however one blemish, and it is the fact that the software doesn't seem to obey any consistent graphical user interface (GUI) standards. Also, settings and applications are scattered here and there, although a bit less randomly than on the Nokia E90. But it is crazy that for some applications both horizontal and vertical modes work, but not for all. And GUI elements differ greatly from one app to another.

Another problem was that at first I didn't manage to get the Nokia Ovi service (and shop) to work. After several repeated attempts things finally started to work. Same happened with the Ovi software update - only after half a dozen tries I managed to download and install it.

But now the phone works well, and I even have some (free) apps on it, for example a weather app. I guess next comes the step when I run into some real problems. But I hope not.


Markus Spring said...

Juha, can it be that you are overly critic with that first image? For my person, I can state that this combination of pattern and lines certainly works!
And, along with the pictures you posted yesterday, it's the kind of spring photography that I do enjoy more than the sunny sceneries.

Juha Haataja said...

Maybe I was - it may have been that I had a different feeling on the spot, and the photograph didn't quite match that...