Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harsh light

The sunlight was harsh today, partly because there is still snow left, and the reflected sunlight hits the eyes hard. We went for a little excursion on bicycles, and I didn't take many photographs. What you see here were all taken at the same place.

I guess I would prefer, for taking photographs, clouded or foggy weather - but plenty of sunshine is not bad either, even though it is hard to get photographs succeed.


Sven W said...

Welcome to my world - in the state of South Australia we have many days of sunshine (and no snow). Sunshine is great for walking around in but you soon realise it's often too much for getting a good exposure a camera, especially a compact.

Juha Haataja said...

Indeed, Australia! I have a photography book by Sam Abell, containing quite a few photographs taken in Australia, for example after a forest fire. The scorching sun comes through, and one wonders how life survives there.

Abell used a film camera for the photographs, and the nonlinear medium coped quite will with the dramatic light. I wonder how even the best DSLRs would have coped with those subjects.