Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring sunshine

I went for a long walk a bit before noon, and I wasn't the only one going for a walk. At noon the light is not necessarily the best for taking photographs, but I tried anyway. Walking in the forest felt good.

We are having warm weather, 10...15°C, and the snow is melting away faster and faster. But there are still cold spots in the shadow sides of hills and in deep old forests.

I finished reading Alain Briot's photography book, and there were some good parts - but some of these I had read before. For example, the discussion about color spaces has been published as an essay on the web.

I felt a bit more positive towards the book, feeling that at least Briot is ruthlessly honest about his art. Although the selling comes through the text a bit too strongly in some parts.

It must be difficult these days for an artist like Briot to make a living, and he must get a lot of criticism for his work, as there are so many who either a) think they can do better, or b) don't like his approach to enhancing photographs.

But Briot is good at what he does. Although his approach is not what I'm interested in doing, there were valuable lessons in the book.

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