Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leaving behind him a lengthening trail

I commuted by bicycle today, and it was a pleasure. More that half of the way was beside trailway tracks, where there wasn't much other traffic than occasional fellow-commuters on bicycles. It took 55 minutes to get to work.

Originally I intended to return home by bus, but in the end I returned by bicycle. So, 32 km on a bicycle today, not bad. The return took a bit over one hour, being uphill, and also I lost my way a couple of times and had to backtrack a bit. And even though it was raining while I rode the bicycle towards home, it was a pleasure, quite different than being inside a car.

I think it is possible to take some minutes off these times, so commuting by bicycle is a bit faster than by bus, which takes one hour 5 minutes. And it isn't much slower than by car, which takes 45-50 minutes, sometimes longer.

I didn't have the LX5 with me, so here are two photographs from yesterday and one from today, when I went by car to the local library.

(Posting title is from the poem Life Cycle of Common Man by Howard Nemerov. Highly recommended.)

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