Monday, April 30, 2012

A treatment kind and fair

This morning, when the children were at school, I went for a long walk in the Nuuksio National Park. I started from the Siikajärvi side, mainly because I don't like the Nuuksio center where there are often busloads of tourists milling about. Ecologically it is of course a good thing that few of these people venture far from the parking lot there, but still it spoils the wilderness feeling for me.

The day was perfect for walking, about +11 °C, and occasionally there was a thin cloud cover on the sky. For taking photographs I was out a bit too late, but still it was nice to be walking in the forests at Nuuksio.

It was mostly silent, but at lake Vähä Romlampi there was a racket going on. A bunch of frogs were making noise near the shore, quite a sound from relatively small frogs. At first I couldn't understand where the sound came from until I walked near the frogs and they got silent.

When I returned to the car, a black woodpecker was making noise on a utility pole, quite a daredevil.

Later today I went for a walk with the children at Pirttimäki, in the other side of Nuuksio, but that is another story.

(Posting title is from the poem The Frog by Hilaire Belloc.)

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