Monday, June 25, 2012

Feels like burning and flight and running away

I commuted by bicycle today. The morning was fine, but it started to rain after noon. When I commuted back home it had been raining for some time, and occasionally it still rained quite heavily.

I got completely soaked. And at one point, when making a turn on the wet asphalt, I slid sideways with the bicycle but fortunately I stayed upright and didn't fall.

Later I went for a walk with the youngest daughter, testing my new rubber boots. Namely the hiking shoes I bought in April (or was it March) last year have developed a leak, in the same place in both shoes. Apparently Gore-Tex isn't a guarantee of durability. I have walked only about 700 km with the hiking shoes, that shouldn't be too much.

Because of the leak in the hiking shoes I bought rubber boots, a tall model suiting wide feet, size 47: Kontio Classic by Nokian footwear. These boots I'm very familiar with, having practically grown up wearing them. I hope they are as durable as they used to be years ago. In any case, when I tested them by walking across a ditch, no water leaked inside. I think I'm now quite well equipped for the wet summer conditions which we are apparently having this year.

(Posting title is from the poem This Hour and What Is Dead by Li-Young Lee.)

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