Saturday, June 9, 2012

To slip like the ghost of wind through the grass

At noon I went for a walk in the forests at Luukki, by lake Myllyjärvi to lake Hauklampi and back from there. Few people were out, as it was clouded, rather cold and occasionally there was a bit of rain.

After dinner I went for a walk with my middle daughter, who has recovered from the fever. We had a nice long walk to a nearby pond, and when returning, a cat came to say hello.

My feet got tired because of the walking, even though I walked for only two hours today. I haven't done so much walking as I used to, as I have been riding the bicycle for five hours or so each week while commuting. Walking is different, different muscles are needed.

(Posting title is from The cat’s song by Marge Piercy.)

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