Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hidden like robbers' booty

Yesterday the oldest daughter's bicycle was stolen, and I made to the police a report of an offence using their web form. Today I tried to phone the police to report that we not only lost a bicycle but found another stolen one, but apparently I need to wait until Monday to report such minor offences.

Namely a bicycle - a green one, for ladies, and a little bit rusty - was left by roadside near our house, and there wasn't anyone who knew about it. It appears that this may be a bicycle used by the guy who stole out bicycle, leaving the old one behind. And probably this was also stolen from somewhere. So I need to report the found bicycle and maybe the police will come to pick it up at some point.

We searched to the daughther's bicycle for some time this morning, but didn't see it anywhere nearby. So I think there is little hope of getting it back.

Later I went with my daughter for a walk to lake Myllyjärvi. There are several lakes with the same name in Espoo, this is the one near the Carmelite Monastery.

We walked around the lake. There was some wind, which probably helped with mosquitoes, as I only got two or three bites. My daughter says she is not bitten by mosquitoes, and she was not, so she may be right.

We both had Nokian rubber boots, which made it possible to walk across swamps and ditches, no need to circle around. It has been some time since I have owned rubber boots, but when I was young I did a lot of walking in such boots, and I wore them also when working on our farm.

(Posting title is from the poem Eyes Only by Linda Pastan.)

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