Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your closed eyes my extinction

Once again, I commuted by bicycle today. A lot of things happened, and I'm still behind in taking care of things. Our two youngest daughters are still sick, but the oldest one was feeling good enough to ask me to go for a walk. So we went to lake Kaitalampi at Luukki, and walked there by the shore. It was a fine evening.

Andreas sent me a pointer to the Sony DSC RX100 preview samples at Dpreview, writing: "Look at the barrels. That's ISO 1600! And look at the white lamp: ISO 640 is essentially clean. Even the portrait of the young man at page 2 with ISO 2500 is perfectly usable. Pretty amazing."

What can I say, this was a surprise! Quite a camera from Sony. According to the preview, the RX100 does have really interesting specifications. And as Andreas noted, it even does 1:1.

Of course, the lens starting at 28 mm equiv. is a disappointment, but on the other hand the camera seems certainly competitive in other ways. The physical design seems to be workable, given the really small size for a one-inch sensor camera.

Oh well, I think my LX5 has still quite a lot of mileage in it. But the RX100 is seriously tempting, at least to get my hands on it to try how it feels to use.

(Posting title is from the poem This Room and Everything in It by Li-Young Lee.)


Christophe said...

28mm equiv and no swivel screen clearly means no go for me. I will stick to my little EX1.
But I agree that the RX100 is an otherwise pretty darn good camera.

Juha Haataja said...

@Christophe: Indeed, the wide angle is sorely missed. Sometimes I would like a swivel screen with the LX5, but I have learned to cope. Maybe one could learn to live with 28 mm. Maybe.