Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And imagined I was balancing

I traveled with the children for over 21 hours by train and car to Kilpisjärvi in Lapland. There was quite a thunderstorm when we arrived at 2 PM. And it was warm, +28 °C. After the storm front had passed, the temperature dropped to below +20 °C.

There was a pause in the thunder and rain at 8 PM, and I walked with my daughter to the top of Salmivaara hill. Only two other people had put their names today in the guest book on top of the hill.

When we were coming down just before 10 PM, two other people were hurrying up the hill. Even during the night there is no worry about having enough light for exploring - sun sets here next on July 24th.

While I was preparing this posting I noticed a news item (in Finnish) about a 10-year old boy who had got hit today by a thunderbolt on top of the Saana hill here at Kilpisjärvi. I wouldn't have gone up the Saana hill today, the clouds were so heavy on that side of Kilpisjärvi, but the situation may have looked quite different earlier today, encouraging people to go for a walk to Saana hill.

The photograph was taken in Luukki on June 30th.

(Posting title is from the poem Another Moon by Zack Strait.)

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