Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Look not so great, beside their simple way

Today I went for a walk with my daughter, starting from the parking place near Saana fell. The original intention was to check out the nature trail, but when we got to the foot of Saana, we decided to climb some way up the fell, to where the clouds were covering the top of the hill.

When we got there, we decided to go on, and in the end we walked all the way to the highest point of Saana. Inside the cloud one couldn't enjoy the landcape around the fell, but it was an interesting experience to walk a path that was hidden by fog farther ahead.

When returning, the fog started to clear, and we visited some spots where there was still a little bit of snow left. There are a couple of little lakes on Saana fell, and we circled one of them.

Our walk lasted four hours. Afterwards our legs were really tired, but it was a good feeling of tiredness.

The photograph was taken in Vantaa on July 5th.

(Posting title is from the poem Cleon by Robert Browning.)

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