Sunday, July 6, 2014

Write sorrow on the bosom of the earth

These photographs were taken at a swamp in Viirilä, in the middle part of Sipoonkorpi National Park. This is a wet swamp, and tall rubber boots are needed for walking here. Excellent place if you like swamps.

Recently I have read a lot of books, more than usually, several books each day. The books I have been reading recently haven't been "highbrow", as I haven't felt myself capable of any deep thinking this summer.

I am a rather active user of the local library. Currently I have 57 items checked out from the library, and 30 item requests/holds. I like the possibility to make item requests on the net, and when they became available, to go and fetch them from the library.

This way I have found a great deal of reading matter that I wouldn't have found just by browsing the book shelves at the library. As an example, I have requested half a dozen "chick-lit" books (by Keyes, Kinsella etc.), a literary genre which is for sure not my thing, but I thought to check out what kind of books these are.

(Posting title is from Richard II by William Shakespeare.)

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