Saturday, September 6, 2014

And on her bosom I remembered all

The photograph was taken in Nuuksio, at lake Holma-Saarijärvi, on August 1st.

I did some repairs to the bicycle today. I got a new chain, and then there were some other things to check out. I need to have the bicycle in good enough shape to endure the daily commute later this year, when the weather gets cold. It turned out that the chain ring is rather worn, so I need to replace it also, but for now I'm using the new chain. In addition to the chain ring, I'll get a new back sprocket, but that isn't in urgent need for replacement.

I went for a walk today, to Nuuksio, visiting four lakes: Saarijärvi, Iso Majaslampi, Pieni Majaslampi and Sarkkinen. I didn't have a camera with me, as I gave the LX5 to my daughter, who wanted to have it. Well, I had the Nokia E7, but the camera in the phone isn't really something one would enjoy using. Walking without a camera felt strange, and several times I noticed something I would have liked to take a photograph of, but couldn't.

I met a man and a woman, who were hunting mushrooms, and they asked whether I had seen any. I said there are some, and more are sure to come. I'm not really into mushrooms, but on the way back I noticed an excellent body of Boletus edulis, which was rather large, but very firm, and completely intact.

I didn't have anything to carry mushrooms, so I carried it in my hand, and when I got home I sauteed it in a frying pan, and quite delicious it was. My youngest daughter said that it wasn't bad, but not the best thing to eat either; however, she would eat it if she would be very hungry.

(Posting title is from the poem Epitaphs of the War by Rudyard Kipling.)

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