Sunday, September 28, 2014

Imagination can create a sense of peril where

Today I has been 20 years since M/S Estonia sank into the Baltic Sea. The newspapers in Finland have published a lot of articles about this. It was a tragic event indeed, costing 852 lives.

The photographs were taken on M/S Gabriella on September 19th, on the way to Stockholm.

Yesterday I walked for two hours in Sipoonkorpi National Park. The parking place at Byabäcken nature trail near Hindsby was full of cars, but luckily one was just leaving when I arrived. Usually the place has been much more quiet.

I walked south to Mordmossarna swamp, and then walked along the swamp southwest to the border of the National Park. Then I circled back to the parking place following the border towards east and north, along the stream that flows there. It was quiet, and I didn't meet anyone on the way back.

Also, I didn't get any deer fly this time. Maybe the cold nights or the rain has made them scarce.

(Posting title is from the poem Lines from the Reports of the Investigative Committees by Joel Brouwer.)

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