Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If you like poems about trees you’re in for a treat

Today I got plenty of surprises. But no matter, things move on.

Also, I looked further into the specifications of the Panasonic LX100, and I have a strong urge to order the camera. But only preorder is possible right now, as the camera will become available in late October or November.

Meanwhile, I guess I need to start using the Nokia E7 for taking photographs.

(Posting title is from the poem Poems About Trees by K. Silem Mohammad.)


Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you kept loyal to LX5 all these years. You should get a golden LX100 for free.
The LX100 seems like a worthy successor to the legendary LX series. You really deserve one.

How high is your shots counter on your LX5?
My LX5 got finally wheel-sickness. I couldn`t change apperture any more. So I replaced my LX5 by a second hand RX100 mark I. This has better image qality, but is less fun when shooting and handling.
The LX100 ist too big for my pokkets. It is nearly the same size as my EP5 with powerzoom or pancake.
The Canon G7x could be interesting, but I am not sure it supports 1:1 format...

Keep up your cool work,

Juha Haataja said...

The shots counter is above 183,000 with the LX5, well below 203,318 shots I took with the LX3.

My LX5 also suffers from the wheel-sickness, and in principle it could be cured by opening up the camera, removing the dirt, and putting it together again, but this is such a long process that I'm not keen on doing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Juha, great site, I am also considering an upgrade soon, and the lx100 looks like a fantastic upgrade to my lx5. I am also looking at the leica d-lux (typ 109) with its three year warrantee and free software for little more than the Panasonic, it might be worth a look?

Thank you for sharing your photographic journey.

Juha Haataja said...

The Leica premium seems to depend on where it is sold, and maybe it is worth it. For me the most important factor is when the camera is available, I hope as soon as possible.