Friday, April 24, 2015

And soft captivity involves the mind

I commuted by bicycle on four days this week, and this year so far 1214 km.

Yesterday I visited Brussels, where the trees are blooming, and I realized that even Brussels can be beautiful. I didn't have time for taking photographs, but here is one anyway.

When returning home I got an impression of stereotype Finns. Finland is #14 in alcohol consumption per capita, but on the plane were some from the heavy drinking part of the population. The delayed flight allowed some extra time in the bar, and on the plane it felt for a while like traditional Finnish midsummer celebrations. When leaving the plane, one of the passengers had to be helped by two fellow passengers to walk to the airport.

(Posting title is from the poem On Imagination by Phillis Wheatley.)


SHE said...

such a treat! a consistent treat to see your photos.. growing list of what I appreciate:

the nature itself. says so much in just its being.
the variety! of landscapes.. colors, lighting, paths, open space,... shadows, sun, water, snow, trees, sky.. in so many magical, mystical forms.

I like this ability you yield, for me to see close -up, and out into the distance.. Some views wide, open, clear, without obstacles.. And sometimes to look at and then through, in order to see out..
how you frame certain shots..

I realize any given focal point can be photographed from a myriad of angles.. Straight on, from above, from a kneeled even position, the side, etc. And left or write justified, or centered, etc. -and I appreciate your editorial artistic choices when it comes to angles, and close up vs. afar, and framing..

every photo is a pleasure to see.. I have like 12 favorites from this weeks postings..

and I love learning about you finns.. the halloweenish way you celebrate easter; the Introvert phenomena; and now #14 in alcohol consumption..

-there's only one thing to say to that...

"Cheers!". from the U.S. of A...


Juha Haataja said...


One thing I realized when going by car to the airport in Brussels that there is a big forest near the city, Sonian Forest (Dutch: Zoniënwoud, French: Forêt de Soignes). Spring was much in evidence at the roadside forest, and it looked really inviting for long walks and exploration.