Tuesday, April 7, 2015

And their voices become one

These photographs were taken on March 30th and 31st in Helsinki.

I have been taking less photographs with the Panasonic LX100 than I was taking with the LX5 and LX3. The reason is a somewhat different shooting style. With the LX5/LX3 I was often "shooting from the hip", raising the camera and taking half a dozen photographs in quick succession, trying to rely on instinct and not on rational thinking. With the LX100 I'm using more and more often the EVF, and this means a slower and more deliberate way of taking photographs. Often I take just one photograph where I would have taken several with the LX5/LX3.

In five months I have taken 25,000 photographs with the LX100. I'm keeping more of the photographs than I used to. Earlier I deleted 90-95% of the photographs when going through them in Aperture, but now I find that I may delete only 80% and save the rest. The more deliberate shooting style is the main reason for this.

I bought a JJC Auto Open and Close Lens Cap for the LX100. The price was half of the Panasonic automatic lens cap (DMW-LFAC1), and this one allows a filter to be mounted on the lens. So far it has worked very well indeed. Although I have become so used to the normal lens cap that I often try to open the lens cap manually until I realise there is no need.

I walked for 2 h 25 min in Nuuksio today, starting from Velskola. I walked around lake Kattilajärvi, and visited lake Kilpilampi, which I haven't done before. It was a good day for walking, as the sun was only partially hidden by a thin cloud cover.

(Posting title is from the song Lene Májjá by Mari Boine.)

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