Friday, April 10, 2015

Now we shall go for a long walk

Today was a sunny day. I commuted by bicycle. This year I have got so far 958 km, and this week 10 hours of exercise in five days.

The photographs were taken on March 31st when we had fresh snow on the ground.

(Posting title is from the poem Eating Chocolate Ice Cream: Reading Mayakovsky by Barbara Guest.)


SHE said...

Spectacular variety! Every photograph fights for first place in my mind.. This one! -no, this one..

I think too.. in addition to whatever benefits a specific camera and lens might bring.. plus your artistic eye as the photographer..

that the canvas on which I get to see these; that is, -via my phone, -digitally.. with whatever backlight is provided.. So vivid!!

it makes me wonder your favorite/preferred canvas for your photographs? Do you like them most on matte? Glossy paper? On fabric canvas? -because as the viewer, I think I prefer photography as I see it on my phone vs. how it appears on the pages of a book.. its more vivid and alive for me.. I'm grateful to live in these times, to be able to compare the two..

and before I go.. -an average of 5,000 photographs a month!?! wow to that! and then an even bigger wow to whatever process you use to select only 3 or 4 to post on your blog each day...

have a blessed week!

Juha Haataja said...


I have used both glossy and matte, and which I prefer depends on the subject matter. I did some photo books via Blurb, and that worked quite well, especially when investing in a bit heavier paper.

However, recently I haven't had the interest (or time) to prepare photographs for printing, focusing more on how they appear on the screen.