Monday, April 20, 2015

Looking at the photograph is somehow not

These photographs were taken at Vaakkoi on April 6th.

I got 11 hours of exercise last week. On Saturday I had a rest day, and that helped, I felt much less tired afterwards. But the spring is a time when it is difficult to stay still, there is a big urge to go exploring what is happening in forests and swamps.

Today while riding the bicycle back home from work, going over 30 km/h downhill, I signaled with my right hand that I'm going to turn right. Simultaneously a pair of mallards flew past me from the left side at 1 1/2 meter height and 1 1/2 meter distance, and just after passing me they made a sharp turn to the right, to land in a ditch beside the road. This happened almost like in a slow motion, and I had a strange feeling of "flying with the birds".

(Posting title is from the poem At the Beach by Elizabeth Alexander.)

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