Saturday, October 2, 2010

From sunset to morning fog

Autumn sunset, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Field, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Mushrooms, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Fog, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Melting frost, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

It is getting colder still, and during the nights the temperature has been dropping below freezing and we have had morning frost several days already. Here are some photographs from yesterday and today, a kind of short story in photographs.

On the camera front I have been reading about the Canon S95, which seems to gather impressive reviews.

DC Resource writes: "Despite a few issues, the PowerShot S95 is one of the best compact cameras on the market, as was its predecessor. Combine the better-than-average photo quality with a fast lens, beautiful LCD, boatload of auto and manual controls, and HD movie recording, and you've got yourself a camera that's easy for me to recommend."

And Imaging Resource writes: "Overall, the Canon PowerShot S95 has placed itself at the top of my shortlist for my next pocket camera. I'm still torn between the S95 and the Panasonic LX5, with its wider-angle lens, but the S95 has more of what you want a pocket camera for, in a size that's not so tough to pocket. Either way, the Canon S95 is a Dave's Pick."

It is good to see such nice competition in the category of cameras (serious compacts) - this promises good things to happen in the future. At least I hope so. But my LX3 still goes strong, so it may be a while until I try out any other camera.

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