Monday, October 4, 2010

Praise for small-sensor cameras

Street, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Two leaves, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Edward Taylor praised at TOP a small-sensor camera - the Canon S95 - in a big way: "The S95 has three things which make it attractive to serious photographers—acceptable image quality, acceptable responsiveness, and very small size. Being truly pocketable, unobtrusive and light are definite advantages over the Micro 4/3 systems, especially if you opt for a zoom capability on a Micro 4/3. Since getting the S95, I haven’t carried much else unless I was heading out for a specific photo session."

And the Panasonic LX5 received a complementary review by Amin Sabet at Serious Compacts: "For me, the bottom line here is that the LX5 sensor delivers a noticeable improvement compared to the LX3 and is roughly on par with the sensor from the S95 and EX1."

There are certainly needs and uses where a DSLR is an absolute necessity, but then a photographer has to ask whether he or she is really in such a situation. Perhaps even a "serious photographer" should think different?

Here are some photographs with plenty of color. This will not last long - the dark is soon here, and will be for a while. Length of day is now 11 h 12 min and goes down fast.

(Edit: Removed a photograph which was left "hanging" from using a previous posting as a template.)


Anonymous said...

You may want to take a look at to compare LX5/S95 noise levels. Please tell us what you think.



Juha Haataja said...

Thanks for the link - I'll check that later. Right now my head is all too noisy (and eyes tired) to do any kind of looking.