Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Night time, dark time

Crossing, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Street, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Lights, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Today I was busy until well after the sunset, but then we went for a walk with the wife. Once again - like so often during the long winters - I needed long exposures, and the pocketable mini-tripod proved its worth. (A couple of dollars investment at Dealextreme - one of the best deals I have ever made.)

It seems that the skill of doing these long exposures has become rusty. I had to do even a bit of cropping to one of the images to cut out an obstrusive object near the camera. And the compositions could be much improved. But this skill will return with practice. We do have quite a long winter ahead, with lots of opporturnities for such experiments.

Update: Some more dark stuff... It is hard to be a freelance photographer here in Finland, when the biggest (Finnish) newspaper steals your photographs by scanning (!) them from a competing magazine. A story so unbelievable it can only be true. Luckily I'm just an amateur at photography.


John said...

Very nice! What kind of settings on you LX3 did you use? Nightime auto? Or did you go to manual (assuming the LX3 has manual of course).


Juha Haataja said...

I once tried auto, in the very beginning of having the LX3, and have always avoided it since. Quite unpredictable...

My basic settings were used here: aperture priority, standard film mode etc.