Thursday, January 5, 2012

The wavering limbs of a birch fashion

I went for a walk after sunset, and it was rather dark despite the snow. But the snow is melting fast, only a little remains.

I took some photographs in the darkness, handheld, and here is a selection. The photographs were taken at ISO 500, f/2.0, and up to 1 second exposure. Did I say handheld? A bit blurry, but not too much.


Markus said...

A momentary rupture to the vision: certainly what you provide here, with "Birches" my favourite o' day for its clear structure and the subtle mixture of light colors.

an autochthonous greeting: there. Who saw it?

Juha Haataja said...

@Markus: "Birches" was taken handheld - it was a 1 second exposure - but I got a little help by leaning against a lamp post while taking the photograph.

Poetry Foundation seems to be a place worth looking at, a lot of material there, including Joanie Mackowski.

Markus said...

1 second handheld is amazing! In such a long time the hands' movement is often not linear in one direction, and then the IS has difficulties to compensate. My first 'epiphany' image of today is blurred in spite of 1/30 of a second, but then, I was moving behind the kids, trying to get a better frame.

Mackowski's poem was difficult to read for me, and I certainly have understood only a fraction. But then I went with just the sound and parts of the images, and it created a positive feeling. So I'd say it worked for me.

Juha Haataja said...

@Markus: Indeed, I like the poem even though only bits and pieces of it are sort of understandable and the big picture escapes. A mystery.

Markus said...

Reassuring that I am not alone. But why should it be different with poems than with images: Some speak to us, even if we can't nail down what specifically triggers which point.

Juha Haataja said...

@Markus: Some old Chinese poems and Japanes haikus (or rather their translations) have an enviable quality of directness in them - and at the same time they are much more than just the simple statement of life. They are mysterious despite not being abstract. Some photographs have this quality also.