Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012 with a 0.3 kg camera and a 4.5 kg tripod

Like last year, I tried to take photographs of fireworks by putting a 0.3 kg camera on a 4.5 kg tripod, which is a bit of overkill. But at least the Berlebach 3042 tripod is stable, as it is meant to be used with star-gazing binoculars.

There were quite a lot of fireworks this year, but only a few of them were caught properly on camera. But anyway, a Happy New Year 2012 to all viewers (and readers) of this blog!


Anonymous said...

Happy new Year and thank you for your interesting blog.

Why are you not taking lighter tripod (or a DLSR) ?

Is there another compact camera than the LX5 that you would like?'


Juha Haataja said...

@Hagen: I have the big tripod (for the astro binoculars) and a pocketable mini-tripod, and that is all the gear I need.

I want a camera that is easy to carry in a (jacket) pocket, and the LX5 fits the bill well, including the mini-tripod. No other camera currently has the same set of features than the LX5, fitting well my rather uncomplicated needs.

Shooting fireworks is once-in-a-year occasion, and carrying the big tripod up a hill is not a big deal.