Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kindness of strangers

Our daughter lost her mobile phone a week ago, and we didn't have any success in finding it. Today we got a message from her school that someone had contacted them about a found phone. I phoned the friendly stranger, and we went to get the phone.

It turned out that the stranger had tried all kinds of things to track the owner of the phone, but as it had all kinds of locks on, he had been unsuccessful. And he couldn't turn the phone on either. Finally he had gotten the idea to try the school, maybe because of a sticker our daughter had clued on the back of the phone.

It is remarkable how much there is this kind of kindness in the world, often unseen.


Markus said...

This kind of normal, caring behaviour is not really rare I think. It's just that we get conditioned to assume the worst, especially by all the media, but also by face-to-face gossip

Paul said...

Markus beat me to it. This kind of behavior, though probably pretty common, does not make for enticing news! I'm glad that the phone was retrieved.

Juha Haataja said...

Indeed, daily news often contain all kinds of scary stuff, which makes one distrust people. But in principle a society couldn't function without the kindness of strangers.

I guess the problem happens because "bad" news interest people, and given a large enough society, there is always plenty of scary material to report.