Friday, July 27, 2012

An arrangement in a system to pointing

Here is the fifth and last installment of photographs from our trip. These were taken at Iittala, where there is a glass museum and an art exhibition. We have visited Iittala almost every summer the last ten years or so, so it is quite familiar, but there are always new things to discover.

My oldest daughter liked the glass museum, taking a lot of photographs with her LX3. She likes to compose photographs so that the lines are not horizontal/vertical but at an angle, I'm not sure why. As a photographer she is getting to be rather good.

Today was the first time this week to ride the bicycle, for 33 km, along the river Vantaa, exploring also the smaller roads and paths there. It was a fine day, about 24 °C, a little bit of wind and some clouds.

After debating for some time whether to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, I took today the plunge.

Before installing the new OS I checked the disk with Disk First Aid, made a fresh backup, tested it by restoring some since deleted files from November 2011, and only then started the installation program. It took almost an hour, but after the iMac booted into OS X 10.8, everything has worked fine. Some little things have changed, and there are plenty of new features; so far so good.

I had a little bit of problem remembering how Mission Control works, but after I resolved that issue (I needed to assign Chrome to a Space, which I hadn't done earlier), everything is the way I want.

(Posting title is from the poem A Carafe, that is a Blind Glass by Gertrude Stein.)

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