Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And he hears the rough winds blowing

Today I re-installed Aperture on the iMac at home, because I couldn't get it to update to version 3.3, which has been available for a while. I deleted the old version, and downloaded Aperture again from the App Store. Now I have version 3.3.1.

Starting up Aperture after the update took some time (and some processing is still going on as I write this). There is a new structure to the Library, which is now compatible with iPhoto. I do hope Aperture is now more reliable than what I have experienced with both iPhoto and Aperture earlier.

The interface has changed a bit, and there are some new features, copied from iPhoto to Aperture. But the changes are relatively minor, one should get used to them quickly enough. I experimented a bit with the new controls, but the best thing is that Aperture works as it should: it allows efficient automatization of the workflow.

See here and here and here and here and here what problems I have had with iPhoto and Aperture.

By the way, I did the same thing with 1Password - deleted and reinstalled it from App Store - and that cured the problem of accessing 1Password data from Chrome on my iMac. But on another Mac the problem still persists, I'm not able to use the 1Password extension properly with Chrome. Oh well...

But lets discuss cameras. Namely this seems to be a week for rumours, and one of the rumours concerns the Panasonic DMC-LX7. Apparently tomorrow morning there should be an announcement from Panasonic giving the details of the LX7, the successor to the LX5.

Thanks to Andreas and Art for the info on this, pointing to 43rumours and Engadget. Apparently the LX7 should have a MOS sensor, a 24-110mm f/1.4-2.3 lens, Venus VII picture engine, and a 3-inch display. The specs for the lens make me doubt the rumours, that would be quite a camera if this would be true.

And then there is the question of whether the new sensor would be really an improvement over the old one. I had to look up what MOS means, apparently it is rather interesting imaging sensor technology, used in the micro 4/3 cameras.

Well, maybe we see tomorrow what the LX7 looks like. It could mean serious competition to the Sony RX100 and the Samsung EX2F. (And Samsung apparently just dropped the price of the EX2F.)

Lastly, about the photographs... After dinner I went for a walk with my daughter to the Petikko forests. There was a lot to be seen, after the rainy day.

(Posting title is from the poem A Leak in the Dike by Phoebe Cary.)

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