Monday, July 9, 2012

Such a pond as this arrives out of the silence

We went for a walk at the Nuuksio forests, starting from the west side, at Siikajärvi. My daughter was interested in tasting blueberries, and plenty of them we had, although only the first batch of them are yet ripe. But they tasted very, very good. This place is one of the best for blueberries, another good place is in the east side of Nuuksio, at Pirttimäki, where we did a lot of blueberry-picking last year.

We didn't get as much thunder and rain during the night as was predicted, but still the forest was a bit wet when we walked there. The good thing was the strong wind, which kept mosquitoes away in the open forests at Nuuksio.

(Posting title is from the poem Beech Forest by Stephen Sandy.)


Markus said...

"Reflect" is my favourite of the day - what a quiescence this image radiates for me!

Juha Haataja said...

@Markus: Indeed, the reflection was remarkable, and even more remarkable was that there was a rather strong wind, but for some reason (probably because of the wind direction, from behind the hills) it didn't get down to this little lake between the trees, so the water was almost completely calm. And it was very quiet also.

Francesco said...

I like the bokeh in Moss (put it among favourites in Flickr). It's good to have the possibility to use aperture/time priority for such image (in my ultracompact I can only use macro mode, as I don't have any manual/priority mode).

Juha Haataja said...

@Francesco: Even with a small-sensor camera, one does get some "bokeh" when shooting macro. And indeed, here using aperture priority does help in getting the right result, though I usually like to show some details of the background, so shooting wide open is not always desirable. In any case, in a small-sensor camera the DOF is deep enough for taking macro photographs handheld; with a bigger-sensor camera one would need to be much more careful about focusing.