Thursday, July 12, 2012

What less has the weight of a sip?

Today I went swimming with the daughters, and after dinner I had a walk looking at the summer scenery. There will be rain during the night, clouds are getting thicker above.

During the last week I have been drinking Chinese Oolong tea, it says "Tie Kuan Yin" on the label. According to Wikipedia, this tea is well known: "[A] tea from Anxi in South Fujian. It is very famous as a 'Chinese famous tea' and very popular."

At first I didn't like the tea at all, but slowly I'm starting to enjoy it. Oolong tea is maybe not as healthy as green tea, but it seems it also has health benefits. And I like the fact that one can use quite hot water, 95 °C, and the same leaves can be used again and again for brewing tea.

(Posting title is from the poem Tea-Strainer by Joyelle McSweeney.)

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