Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen it is my great pleasure

The depth of snow is now 37 cm, quite a lot already. And the winter has only just started... In Helsinki there are piles of snow by the streets, and it seems that there is not enough equipment to remove it on time.

I don't like commuting by car because the route I'm using is the slowest there is, and if one would try to go around the slow parts it would still take the same amount of time. Commuting by bus takes about the same time, but there one can read, or relax, or read e-mail on the iPad. Or fall asleep...

Today I bought 2,5 kg of candies and 6 kg of clementines for tomorrow. They will disappear fast.

(Posting title is from the poem Winter by Michael Earl Craig.)


Paul said...

Wow! 37 cm of snow. Quite a bit, could make walking difficult in a situation were it has not been removed. Lots of candy an oranges. Sounds like a feast is about to, or has taken place. :)

Juha Haataja said...

Paul, we now have 52 cm of snow, and more is coming during the next three days. It is indeed starting to get difficult to walk in the woods even if there are paths, as new snow covers tracks rapidly. Snowshoes could be an option, but I have never used them. Well, skiing also, but if one would go to unbroken snow then you need special kind of skis to stay on top of the snow.