Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The heart softening faster than cereal

These photographs were taken yesterday, but I was too busy (and tired) to do anything with them until today.

This morning it was -19 °C outside, but I had decided to commute by bicycle, and so I did. I had plenty of clothes on, maybe even too much, except for the feet which got a bit cold. There was one part of the way where I had to walk the bicycle, as the way was covered by snow and there was only a narrow footpath where to go. Later I realized that I could have backtracked a bit and saved some time via a different route.

Anyway, it took 65 minutes to go to work, and 65 minutes for the return. Now that I know the best way it should take less time. Overall, the commute time is about the same as by car; yesterday it took 75 minutes by car to get home.

This was the second time this winter that I rode the bicycle on roads covered by snow and ice. I'm learning how it goes, trusting the studded tires, but of course one shouldn't be too eager either. Some downhill pieces were rather difficult, as the snow had piled up in bumps and tracks that made it hard to steer properly. But also this is a skill that needs some time to learn again.

It is getting warmer, and we are also getting some new snow. This morning we had -19 °C, now the temperature is at - 6 °C. Quite a difference in one day.

By the way, Cedric has written once again an excellent posting at his blog, on the search for meaning. This connected to something a friend noted yesterday, about how "half-anxious" is the usual state of mind. (Whether that means half full or half empty I don't know.) And so it is, you remember how you thought the future could be, and now you realize that this moment, today, is that future. And then you hope and worry about the future, once again.

(Posting title is from the poem Heraclitean by Kim Addonizio.)

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