Thursday, December 27, 2012

We cut the solid whiteness through

Yesterday I went with two oldest daughters to Luukki, walking along lake Halkolampi to the fireplace at the north end. Some people had been at Halkolampi, but we were the first to go to the north end of the lake since the previous snowfall. We set up fire in the fireplace and had picnic, enjoying the snowy and silent landscape.

I had a look at the blog statistics, and it seems that things have stabilized since the time I stopped writing much about cameras and photography gear. At the time when I was very much into camera gear there were double the visits/visitors daily, now we are back to about 100 visits per day, according to Google Analytics.

But something strange has happened with the average visit duration. I remember it being about 1 minute, or somewhere between 1-2 minutes, but now it is at 7 min 17 seconds for the last week. This seemed strange, so I browsed through the statistics, and on December 9th the average visit duration was what I remember being normal - about one minute - but since then the average visit time has gone up sevenfold.

Has Google changed how they measure the statistics? I don't think I have been writing much more interesting stuff than I was earlier...

(Posting title is from the poem Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyl by John Greenleaf Whittier.)

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