Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is the slow fall flight of leaves through time

These photographs were taken at Vaakkoi on September 22th. There was a short spell of rain just before we started walking, deepening the autumn colors a bit.

Francesco asked how I catalogue my photographs. My method is far from good, but at least it doesn't require too much effort:

  1. import photographs to Aperture
  2. delete 90-95% of the photographs taken
  3. move family photographs to a separate folder for the current year, other photographs to another (yearly) folder
  4. upload the new crop of photographs to Flickr
  5. select some photographs from Flickr to make a posting at Light Scrape

Step 2 is the most important one. I seldom return to the photographs I have taken, except for the family photographs. For me photography is a matter of taking photographs, not so much looking at them afterwards. Below you see how the photographs I took on Sunday at Soidinsuo swamp in Nuuksio look like in Aperture. I haven't yet got around to processing them.

(Posting title is from the poem She by Christopher Gilbert.)

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