Saturday, December 28, 2013

At the bodom fundus of this royal park

I don't have the equipment to transfer the new photographs from the LX5, so I'm continuing with older photographs which I uploaded before the trip. These were taken a week ago at Oittaa, by the south shore of lake Bodom, showing how the ice has broken in pieces and reformed, and was melting away in the warm weather.

I has been wet also up north. It was raining when we arrived in Sotkamo, with some snowing mixed in. We spent time in the spa at Katinkulta, especially the outside pool where rain/snow was falling. That didn't feel too bad.

I have taken quite a few photographs, some of which I think may turn out quite well. As they say, bad weather for the photographer is good for the photographs.

(Posting title is from Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce.)


Markus said...

Fine triptych, Juha - I could well imagine prints in a row on the wall.

Re. the bad weather: principally I agree with you, only the bad weather here in Bavaria seems to be not bad enough - just indistinguishable greys, no rain, no reflections at the moment. It seems I have a new challenge to master.

Juha Haataja said...

What, no reflections!? That is surely a dire situation, a challenge fit for a master. I hope there is still blur to explore. ;-)

Markus said...

You beat me to it! As darkness comes early, blur is abundant indeed!

Juha Haataja said...

Blur saves the day... On the other hand, I'm really looking towards the sunny days, it has been just too much of the dark (and missing snow) this winter.