Friday, December 6, 2013

To chart my growth without pictures

Today is independence day in Finland, and we have 1 cm of snow on the ground. It seems that the snow will remain for a while, as the weather forecast promises below 0 °C temperatures.

It was good to sleep late, but there are all kinds of things to do. Maybe I have time to go through the remaining photographs, there are about 700 of them waiting on the computer. The two photographs shown here were taken on November 25th, just before sunrise and just after sunset. Length of day is now 6 h 7 min.

I have been shopping on the net recently, buying clothes for commuting by bicycle during winter. I bought waist-high unpadded tights, and neoprene overshoes, both of which should be warm enough for winter conditions. My old bicycle clothes are starting to come apart, and the fabric has worn in some places thin enough to see through. And my bicycle overshoes have big holes in them, ripped at the seams.

The most important thing I bought already, warm lobster-style bicycle gloves, which have proved to be very warm at -7 °C. It remains to be seen how well they cope at -15 °C, which I have usually kept as the lowest temperature for commuting by bicycle. I really loathe hands getting cold when riding the bicycle.

(Posting title is from the poem Gloves by Jose Angel Araguz.)

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