Saturday, December 7, 2013

That means taking a lot of walks

There is snow on the ground, and the snow depth measurement at Helsinki-Vantaa says 2 cm, which seems to be about right. A little bit of more snow has been promised for today.

I have taken some photographs of the snowy landscape, but they are waiting in the camera for a time when I get the urge to do something about them. While waiting for that, here are two photographs taken while commuting by tram and bus on November 25th.

Recently I have commuted by bicycle on two days each week, the rest by bus/tram or by car. This means that I'm getting less exercise than during summer, when I typically had 10-12 hours of riding the bicycle and walking in forests. Now it is about half of that, 5-6 hours of exercise weekly.

I have been worrying that the weight would start creeping up again, but I'm still at 13 kg less that I was two years ago, and BMI is at 25. I wouldn't have thought that this would happen but little changes make a difference over a longer time.

(Posting title is from the poem Waiting for This Story to End Before I Begin Another by Jan Heller Levi.)

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