Monday, December 30, 2013

What use can I make of these magical forms?

Sometimes I get the feeling that the blue moment after sunset really is magical, or as close to photographic magic as I can imagine. These photographs were taken by lake Bodom during the hour after sunset.

Yesterday I had a lot of exercise. I went for a walk in the morning, walking along paths around the golf course at Katinkulta. The average depth of snow is rather close to zero, but there are patches where there is still up to 15 cm of snow. Then I spent time swimming in the spa, overseeing the daughters.

Later in the afternoon I went for another walk. And then there was some bowling, competing with my oldest daughter. I won, but just barely. It must be something like 15 years since I last went bowling. And late in the evening I had yet another walk. In all I got something like five hours of exercise. This is surely enough for one day.

When we started our travel up north I looked up the depth of snow measurement for Sotkamo, and it was over 20 cm. Today it was just 2 cm. The warm weather and the rain have melted away most of the snow, and the ditches and lakes are flooded with water. It doesn't feel at all like winter.

(Posting title is from Mozart’s Third Brain by Göran Sonnevi, translated by Rika Lesser.)

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