Wednesday, May 21, 2014

But in our hearts

I'm feeling somewhat blurry, even though the daily commute by bicycle helps to clear the head of excessive busyness. During April I got in 18 days 576 kilometers of riding the bicycle, but in May I'll get much less, because of travel and vacation days.

I'm not riding the bicycle other than when commuting, going from A to B. Walking in forests and swamps is my favorite kind of exercise, because it allows to take photographs, and the speed is just right. In fact, walking is to me a kind of meditation, not just a way of getting exercise.

However, I you would join me on a walk of 2-3 hours up and down the hills and across swamps and thickets of fallen trees in Sipoonkorpi National Park, you might think that it isn't too bad as exercise either.

It rained today, and thus here are rainy photographs, taken on May 8th in Helsinki.

(Posting title is from the poem Meditation on Statistical Method by J. V. Cunningham.)

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